Financial Coaching Success Stories

"Confidence About the Path Ahead"

"Financial coaching helped tailor-fit what we learned from Financial Peace University to our own specific situation. We particularly appreciated the coach approach to personal finance as a heart issue and not a numbers issue. It was also extremely comforting to know we were working with someone we could trust and who was looking out for our best interests—not trying to sell us something. After our sessions were complete, we felt more confident about the path ahead."

        bryon and erica rivers

"A Sense of Empowerment"

"I walked out of my first meeting with a sense of empowerment; I had been given a proactive and strategic plan to be debt-free, save for retirement, help my children pay for college, and even take my children to Disneyworld—something I thought couldn't be done. My income didn't change, but my understanding of how to allocate that money certainly did! You'll never look at your finances the same again!" 

margie scudde


"A New Feeling of Security and Well-being"

"We made an appointment and our financial situation began to change immediately—for the better! I can't explain the feeling of security and well-being I have [now], knowing I am not in debt and I am paying cash for what I need."

debbie and anthony guarino

"A Return on My Investment"

"My coach not only helped me get my finances in order, he also helped me on a personal matter I was struggling with and prayed with me during one of our sessions. We had a wonderful working relationship which led to a great friendship. I highly recommend personal financial coaching—the return on my investment was far beyond my expectations!"

monica sudomir