What is the Five Essentials of Personal Finance?

The Five Essentials of Personal Finance is Mike's proven plan on how to win with your money. You'll leave with a clear vision for your financial game plan.

Topics we cover are:

Cash Flow Planning

Only 3 out of 10 Canadians actually do a monthly budget and if we are being honest with ourselves, the budget is failing us. In this lesson Mike navigates the ins and the outs of cash flow planning, why it's important for couples to communicate with their finances and how to effectively implement a monthly cash flow plan.

Dumping Debt

Mike shares his personal story and how he finally got to the point where he was sick and tired of debt and made a decision to get it out of his life for good! 

In Dumping Debt you will learn about limiting beliefs and liberating truths around debt The multi billion dollar marketing machine that is designed to keep you borrowing money.

Learn why debt consolidation methods don't work and get on a real plan to start paying off debt fast!

“Mike Crofts made money make sense! Recently, we invited Mike do a financial seminar at our church and it was fantastic. During the seminar, Mike held our attention, communicated in a way that was memorable, equipped both beginners and seasoned financial veterans to get better in our personal finances. I would highly recommend Mike to any group looking to get better!”
— Jonathan Smith, Agincourt Church.

Insurance - A no nonsense look at need over greed!

Let's be honest, when it comes to Life Insurance, most of us would rather get a root cannel than talk about insurance. 

In this lesson Mike takes a fun yet profound approach. He teaches what the role insurance should play in your financial game plan. We also look at what policies you need and what policies you should dump.


Investments can be a confusing topic for most. Is it safe to invest?

In the investment lesson Mike breaks down investment jargon into simple to understand terms. We take time to identify what your retirement dream is and how to start working towards it.  

Mike believes that given enough time you can retire a millionaire, he walks you through the proven steps to take in order to start saving for long term success.

Raising Money Smart Kids

Raising money smart kids is something we all want to do, but rarely do we know how to.

Mike gives you simple tools you can use to start implementing money principles to your kids starting as early as age three all the way up to teenagers.

Mike teaches how your kids can graduate from college debt free and different avenues available for paying for post secondary school.